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About the Client

Our client writes insurance, reinsurance and mortgage insurance on a worldwide basis. Our client was set up in 2001 and has evolved into a leading speciality insurer and reinsurer.

Office Interior Design Brief

Following our client’s purchase of an insurance company based in Coxheath, we were contacted to undertake the design and fit out at a new office location. Based in Hermitage Business Park in Maidstone, the new office required the creation of a waiting area, two meeting rooms, an open plan workspace, a breakout space and a director’s office. Furthermore, our office interior designers were required to space plan the premises for future growth.


Key Features

Modern office furniture solutions: Honeycomb stalls by Camira Fabrics Modern office furniture solutions: Honeycomb stalls by Camira Fabrics

Meeting Area

Another part of our client’s remit was to create an informal seating area for ad-hoc meetings. In order to achieve this, we furnished a corner of the office with stalls and another concrete laminate table. The stalls, characterised by a modern geometric design, are from the “Honeycomb” range by Camira Fabrics.

Bespoke office glass manifestation with a company logo Bespoke office glass manifestation with a company logo

Office Workspace

For the workspace interior design, we carried over more features from the company’s offices in America. These included ergonomic “Humanscale” task chairs, which offer a high level of freedom and comfort to employees. Other key features of the Workspace design include durable shared desks with monitor arms and a newly laid textured carpet by Desso called “Jeans”.

Office relic furniture by Frovi and waste disposal bins for a breakout area refurbihsment Office relic furniture by Frovi and waste disposal bins for a breakout area refurbihsment

Breakout Area

We introduced a number of features to the breakout area space to ensure it was inviting and hospitable for staff. These included comfortable dining furniture, a tea point with internal refrigeration and a state of the art coffee machine. Additionally, we implemented two bins – one for recycling and one for general waste – to promote an eco-friendly working environment.

Client Feedback

What attracted you to Rap Interiors?

You are a very friendly team. You’re willing to work with us and as much as I’ve done this in the US I’ve never done it in the UK before so I’ve learned a lot. I’m also the type of person who prefers a team that works, and I feel that Rap Interiors is an example of a team that works. And because of Otis!

What made you choose Rap Interiors over other contractors?

You can work with a lot of architectural firms and you’ll say that’s not really our brand; then they will bring back several things that are still not ourbrand!

When you provide Sarah [Rap Interiors Designer] with some direction she gets it. And then she takes that and provides, for instance, the chair. She knows what’s available and then she presents it.

What was your remit for the design?

Although we wouldn’t want to use the same elements in every office space we just want the same look and feel. While we like to have certain stuff as a standard like the conference desks, we still like each space to have its own character and to be a bit different.

Did Rap Interiors fulfil your expectations?

The progress of the construction went well and everything was on time and with good direction. The patience from Sarah was beneficial and the response time was good from Rap Interiors too.

What was your favourite part of the project?

My favourite part of the whole process is the night before you move in when everything is in tip top shape. I just love sitting and taking it all in and really appreciating the work that we’ve all done and the hours we’ve put in to the design.

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