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So, just how do you put bums on seats?

That’s the golden question for every co-working operator looking to take advantage of the growing demand for “pay-as-you-go” workspaces.

There are of course many factors in creating a successful space, from the location to the design and the price, but arguably one of the most important is the furniture. Indeed, by offering a good selection of modern furniture, operators can ensure guests can work in ways that suit them.

With this in mind, we explore coworking furniture ideas that lend themselves to specific tasks and activites. By the end of the blog, you will have plenty of inspiration to help create the dream space for your guests!

Here are 10 great coworking office furniture ideas…

1. Bleacher Seating

One benefit of coworking offices is that they are great for building connections. While some guests will prefer to get their head down and work with a pair of headphones, there are plenty who actively look to network.

Not only are bleacher seats are great “feature” for a coworking space, they are ideal for meeting new people. With their stadium-like architecture, they provide the perfect setting for encounters with other guests, whether it be at an organised event or through working in close proximity.

This is also a great way to replicate the “team-centric” atmosphere of a standard office, which many people may miss when switching to freelance. Talk about a great selling point!

2. “Coffee Shop” Inspired Furniture

For many, part of the freelance dream is the ability to work in a cool coffee shop with a Mac and a flat white. As such, coffee shops are arguably competitors, which is why it is a good idea to take some inspiration from their interior design schemes.

Furniture wise, coworking operators can replicate the coffee-shop style in a number of ways, such as the following:

  • Seats with Charging Points – For a number of years, coffee shop chains have set up their spaces to include accessible plug sockets. These are very convenient for freelancers and essential for agile working environments like coworking spaces.
  • Coffee Tables – An obvious one, granted, but coffee tables are a great to make use of dead space and provide more ad-hoc working areas for freelancers.
  • Coffee Bars with stools – Budget permitting, a classic coffee bar with stools can be a great selling point for coworking spaces. Just don’t forget to employ someone to serve the cappuccinos!

To go a step further, you can look at coffee shops to influence your overall coworking space design. Beyond the well-known coffee shop chains, there are countless places out there with stunning interiors in a range of styles, from vintage to industrial to rustic and Hygge.

3. Phone and Zoom Pods

While sharing an open workspace with other people has its benefits, it is important that guests have private areas too. Indeed, with freelancers growing more reliant on video technology to be briefed on tasks, private spaces are nothing short of essential.

One way to create private areas for phone calls and video chats is to introduce individual booths. Also known as “Zoom booths”, these are ideal for private conversations due to their noise-reducing acoustic properties.

Furthermore, Zoom booths are typically equipped with convenient laptop stands or integrated screens, making online chats easy and fun. A great addition to any coworking space!

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4. Coworking Furniture Combined with Greenery

Biophilia can add aesthetic interest to a space and connect people with nature. Moreover, it can help to project a pro-sustainability image of your coworking space, which is likely to appeal to a young, eco-conscious demographic.

These days, there are plenty of ways to introduce greenery beyond buying a few plant pots. For example, you can get shared workstations draped in foliage (as in the example above), office planters that double up as storage units, and modern shelves to display exotic plants. Combined with living walls of foliage, you can really turn your coworking space into an oasis for guests.

5. Acoustic Booths

Booths are a great way to create secluded areas within busy coworking spaces. An alternative to closed meeting rooms, booths can accomodate small working groups, making them ideal for collaborative tasks and other interactions.

Like the aforementioned phone and Zoom pods, booths are also built with acoustic properties and can be made to include integrated power. Combined with their stylish and modern designs, booths make for a practical, stylish and fun additions to coworking spaces.

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6. Height-Adjustable Desks

With people being more health-conscious than ever before, it makes sense to embrace the “ergonomic” furniture trend. In short, ergonomic furniture is designed with health and comort in mind, with height adjustable desks being a prime example.

For those who choose to work standing up at a height adjustable desk, there are a number of benefits. These include a lower risk of weight gain and obesity, reduced back pain, and improved mood and energy levels.

If you like the sound of that, then why not go for a pro-wellbeing theme? For example, you could combine the ergonomic coworking furniture with bike storage for cyclists, calming biophilic elements and motivational quotes printed on the walls.

7. Meeting Tables for Small Teams

Coworking offices aren’t just frequented by freelancers working on a pay-as-you-go basis. Rather, some small teams work for months at a time in co-working spaces, often when moving between offices.

To attract small teams such as this, it’s a good idea to introduce meeting tables where they can collaborate. For practicality, you could even create a private space with soundproof doors, a presentation screen, and a digital booking system to ensure guests can access the space when needed.

Additionally, you could also introduce high-standing tables and stools for an ad-hoc collaboration space. For a cool idea, invest in a portable whiteboard so the team can brainstorm nearby.

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8. Resimercial Furniture

If you’re unfamiliar with the word “resimercial”, it is essentially a cross-pollination between residential and commercial interior design. The idea is to make a commercial space more comfortable, relaxing and inviting through introducing homely elements.

One idea is to use the resimercial theme for a certain area of the coworking office, such as a breakout space or casual work zone. These may include soft sofas and chairs, throws, rugs, footstools and coffee tables to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

9. Benches for Dining

As in any workplace environment, it’s important to provide a space where people can grab a bite to eat and take a moment to re-boot. This is especially important for coworking spaces that aren’t located near food outlets.

Wagamama-style benches are a great focal point for this kind of area due to being easy to clean, heavy duty and stylish. As in the image above, they go really well with a rustic theme and can be combined with soft, wipeable chairs for a truly inviting space.

Furthermore, they’re great for chance encounters with other guests, adding to the networking appeal of coworking.

10. Furniture with Power

While we’ve mentioned this a few times throughout the blog, furniture with power is undoubtedly worthy of its own section. The reason being is that there are so many ways to bring power to coworking furniture, which is key in creating an agile space.

For years, office design was dictated by a building’s electrical infrastructre, but with attachable battery-powered products available on the market, almost every piece of furniture can have access to power. This means coworking guests can choose exactly how and where they want to work, whether it be in a pod, meeting table, booth or individual chair.

Take a look at our Workspace Design Show blog to learn more about furniture with power

Thanks for Reading!

We hope you’ve taken plenty of inspiration from our coworking furniture ideas blog. Remember, the main goal is to create a space that’s enticing for guests, and furniture is a key part of this. By offering a range of furniture across the space, you will ensure guests have an enjoyable experience and, in turn, encourage them to come back again!

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