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About the Client

Social Finance is a non-profit organisation that partners with governments, service providers, the voluntary sector and the financial community. Together, they find better ways of tackling social problems in the UK and globally.

Acoustic office booths installed for a furniture project in London Acoustic office booths installed for a furniture project in London

Client Brief

Social Finance contacted us to reconfigure its London office space to suit the organisation’s unique style of working.

This would require intelligent space planning, office furniture procurement, effective cost-management to ensure the works were delivered within a strict budget, and electrical work.

Office worker in an acoustic pod Office worker in an acoustic pod
Soundproof office booths with glass doors in a London office space Soundproof office booths with glass doors in a London office space

Our Office Interior Design Solution

With Social Finance adopting hybrid working, where some employees work from home, it was essential that our office interior designers made the right choices on furniture. For example, as many employees would be working without designated workstations, our designers introduced new locker systems for them to safely store their possessions and “hotdesk” accordingly.

One obstacle to overcome was to maintain a strong team culture while enabling a portion of the team to work away from the office. Our solution was to combine banks of desks with various work “zones”, which would allow in-house office team members to collaborate and maintain contact with those at home.

Furniture was key to our solution, with two new four-person booths providing an area for in-house employees to get together and work on projects. These also double up as silent zones for those in need of quiet concentration.

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To enable good communication with employees working from home, our designers introduced a number of soundproof, glass-fronted “Zoom booths” for online video chats. These would also allow the Social Finance team to have confidential discussions with the organisation’s partners. Key internal features of the booths include a perch for a laptop, a stool for longer chats and meetings, and an integrated downlight.

In addition to the above, we introduced new flooring and a kitchen unit in the breakout area, created a social eating space with Wagamama-style benches, reconfigured the data cabling following an electrical inspection, and moved a number of glass meeting rooms in accordance with Social Finance’s desired layout.

Acoustic office Zoom booths for hybrid work

The Result

With the help of our London interior designers and project team, Social Finance was able to successfully re-configure its space in a cost-effective way. The new work zones, combined with traditional banks of desks, have ensured that Social’s Finance’s unique working practices are supported while maintaining a team-centric ethos. Furthermore, the project was delivered in fast-track time during a period when COVID-19 presented many challenges.

We were delighted to be a part of this exciting project and take great pride in assisting Social Finance in fulfilling its vision for a fairer world.

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