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Lighting is increasingly becoming an integral part of the office interior design itself and gone are the days of lighting being an area that is not noticed. With so many different styles of office and so many different areas, from breakout spaces to focus pods, how do you light them?

Industrial and Urban Office Interior Design

Trendy urban office interiors that showcase achingly cool design make use of an eclectic mix of different lighting types such as long length LED linear, industrial metal pendants, decorative pendants and even neon lighting to create that cool co-work space feel. This is often combined with exposed surfaces, concrete ceilings and metal mesh for an edgy industrial feel. Remember, lighting doesn’t need to be restricted to just the ceilings; it can also be used on walls and even the floor for that urban look.

Corporate Office Interior Design

Slick minimalist corporate interiors work extremely well, particularly when combined with recessed LED linear lightingStikeman Elliott Law Firm Offices in Montreal combine elegant simplicity with bright continuous lengths of recessed LED Linear. Slim cylindrical pendants reflect the lines of the linear and add to the overall effect.

Where recessed lighting is not practical, suspended LED linear lighting with a matt black finish is a very popular choice for corporate interiors across London and the UK. They look great when combined with exposed services and concrete ceilings. Surface mounted downlights and long lengths of linear lighting can be combined for a luxurious effect that creates a lasting impression.

Fun, Google Inspired Office Interior Design

Bright bold colours that pop are currently trending as organisations are increasingly trying to make workspace more interesting and engaging for new generations entering the workforce. In these scenarios the focus is not solely on work, but people, and the design elements promote relaxation, wellbeing and play.

Colour effects mood and there are numerous studies on the effect colour choices have on your workforce in office interior design. Custom colour pendants are very popular for these spaces as they can be matched exactly to the colour scheme or the company’s corporate branding.

Contemporary Office Interior Design

Contemporary office design has developed from simply fun offices with slides. The leading office designs firmly focus on people and how they interact with the space. Biophilic elements in workspaces have generated a lot of interest over the last few years and this focus on health and wellbeing is being met by exciting developments in lighting. Soon, human-centric lighting that changes colour throughout the day in sync with the natural light outside or that is in step with people’s circadian rhythm will be commonplace. If that all seems a bit far off for now, many contemporary offices currently use accent lighting combined with LED linear lighting and pendants.

How to Light Specific Areas of Your Office


The reception area is where first impression about the business are made. This is your chance to get creative with the interior and choose lighting which enhances your brand. Statement pendant lights are used very effectively in these areas, as are bespoke installations of LED linear which create a very powerful impact. Decorative pendant lighting is used regularly over reception desks and very smart it looks too.


Corridors need to be bright (but not too bright) as you don’t want people tripping up in gloomy corridors. Downlights and LED panels are traditionally used here as they are relatively inexpensive. However, if you want to go further and make every part of your office interior stunning, there are many options available. For example, short lengths of linear combined with a funky expanded metal mesh ceiling looks very cool and are relatively cost effective. If you wanted a more premium look, a curved profile down the middle of a corridor to create a wave effect would have a huge impact and turn a bland corridor into a thing of beauty in its own right.


Washrooms like corridors generally need to be bright with cool white 4000K lighting. Nobody appreciates a dingy washroom, and recessed downlights are most common in these areas. When combined with PIR sensors, the lighting scheme becomes more efficient.

However, deviating from the ordinary is great practise in office interior design, so why not consider IP65 rated tube fittings? Combine these with LED Linear on the celling for a smart look.

image credit to Banno Lighting


Boardrooms look great with a length of LED linear above a rectangular table combined with downlights around the outside to provide consistent lighting. If the room has a round table, a circular pendant or ring pendant can be very effective refection of the shape.

You can get creative with the LED linear to by adding two or more short lengths at jaunty angles. You can also reverse the traditional linear fittings above the table and downlights around the side by putting LED linear around the edge of the ceiling and downlights above the table.

Breakout Spaces

The area of the office that is differentiated from the more formal working areas needs to look a bit different. The breakout space should be inviting and provide a rest from the usual desk and screen environment. Domestic style pendants with long suspensions to accommodate the lower style of furniture in this area are very popular. Light does not need to be so uniform here and pools of light from pendants and desk lighting are very attractive and provide homestyle comfort. Recessed accent downlights are also good for achieving this effect and have the added benefit of being low glare.

Workstation Areas

Where people are spending long periods of time at workstations (even in hotdesking areas) lighting needs to be bright enough to see clearly. 4000K or even 5000K lighting helps people to be alert and productive, however there is a downside to ever increasingly bright light fittings in the office. Glare from high output fittings is becoming a problem in offices, causing headaches and eye problems and the Society for Light and Lighting have issued guidelines for how much glare is acceptable in offices.

Lighting with a glare index of less than 19 (also known as UGR19) ensures your office lighting won’t be a headache. It is very easy to produce symmetrical UGR19 fittings such as LED panels however if something trendy such as LED linear is required, it is much harder to produce a UGR19 compliant luminaire. Luckily it is not impossible.

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 There are only a small handful of UGR<19 linear luminaires available at present that provide the continuous “stripe of light” visual effect desired and are reasonably priced. Synergy Commercial Lighting has developed an exciting range of UGR<19 linear LED that allows lighting designers to generate compliant schemes that are functional and cost-effective.

Michael Gandy is Head of Marketing for Synergy Commercial Lighting, a pioneering British manufacturer of LED Linear, Architectural and Office lighting for the commercial fit-out sector.

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