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Given the disruption caused by the pandemic, business leaders can be forgiven for feeling like they’re in limbo at present. But with the rollout of the vaccine going well in the UK, it’s a good idea for those leaders to solidify plans for any future changes to the workplace.

This includes changes to office furniture — particularly if there is a shift in culture and working practices. A switch to a hybrid working model, for example, may require a thorough review of furniture in the office and in employees’ homes.

In this blog, we look at the way furniture options available to businesses in the face of a changing workplace. If you’re thinking of changing the way you operate, then you’ll find plenty of design ideas and inspiration here.

Office Furniture for Flexible Working

Prior to the pandemic, flexible working — where employees can choose to work from home or in the office — was on the rise. But with employees being forced to work from home, it is likely we will see this trend accelerate in the coming years.

This will of course re-define the role of the office and, in turn, force firms to re-think how their furniture can accommodate the change. For example, the hybrid working model will encourage employees to use their home predominantly for independent working, and the office for collaboration and team building, so the furniture will need to facilitate this.

To create a team-centric environment, businesses have a range of options available to them. For collaborative working, shared desks, pods and booths are ideal. For team building, breakout lounges with soft furniture, bar areas with stools, and bleacher seating for events will help employees to connect with each other.

Once the office furniture is reviewed, the next step is to consider if employees are set up correctly in the home environment.

Furniture for the Home Office

To ensure employees are productive at home, furniture is hugely important. Comfort is key in keeping employees focused, so it’s best to communicate with them to ensure their “home office” is furnished appropriately.

One potential obstacle will be the size of the space available to employees. However, the good news is that there are a plethora of lightweight desk options out there for individual use.

Our “Solo” desk, for example, comes in a range of sizes and won’t break the bank on price.

Good seating is also important, and, like desks, there a plenty of affordable task chair options available. For optimum comfort, many come with “curvature” back support and offer adjustable height and arms.

What About the Traditional Approach?

With all this talk about flexible working, one might assume that every office across the UK will undergo a radical transformation. But there will be many businesses out there that will happily return to a traditional model, where staff work full time at banks of desks.

There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but businesses may benefit from introducing some comfortable furniture options too. After all, with staff working from home during the pandemic, they will undoubtedly welcome the additions when they return to the office.

The “resimercial” (residential meets commercial) trend offers an idea of what can be done to make offices more comfortable.

Companies that adopt this style typically offer breakout areas with comfortable sofas, kitchenettes with coffee tables and breakfast bars, and even bean bag chairs.

In addition to the furniture, some provide craft beer fridges, ping pong tables and arcade games for team building.

Take a look at our Questor project here for inspiration

Furniture for Agile Working

Recently, we’ve been looking at how the post-COVID-19 office could be more of a “heightened” experience.

In the near future, it’s possible that in order to compete with the rise in home working, offices will need to offer much more in the terms of technology, overall “experience” and furniture options.

Prior to the pandemic, offices of this kind were already on the rise, with many businesses offering “agile” environments their teams.

These ultra-modern spaces allow employees to choose how they want to work, with various zones for specific tasks.

For a great example of an agile office, take a look at our Hudl project here

As choice is at the heart of the agile working style, businesses should offer a range of office furniture.

This may include desks with integrated power for ad-hoc meetings, laptop stands, customisable modular furniture, meeting room tables, booths and pods, and workstations for individual work.

The agile office works well for companies looking to introduce the aforementioned flexible model.

While employers may be happy to allow teams the freedom to work from home, the heightened office experience will encourage employees to come into work and maintain the company culture.

“Safety First” Office Furniture Solutions

While the vaccination rollout is going well in the UK, it is likely that some companies will prefer to err on the side of caution when returning their staff to the workplace.

This means some will maintain the stringent health and safety measures adopted during the pandemic, including those relating to furniture.

For example, there has been a boom in sales of protective separation screens to prevent the spread of the virus.

Some office furniture is also made from antimicrobial materials to stop the spread through people touching contaminated surfaces.

Some might question whether these will still be relevant when the crisis is over, but it is likely many companies will take extra steps in ensuring their employees feel safe.

Read the latest trends in office interior design for some more ideas and inspiration here

So, is it Time to Review Your Workplace Furniture?

If you’re ironing out plans for the future, we hope this article has shed some light on the furniture options available to you. Ultimately, if you’re making big changes to the way you work, then an overhaul might be necessary for the new model to succeed.

If you’re sticking to a traditional mode of working, don’t be afraid to bring in some new furniture to freshen things up. A few small additions will go a long way in boosting productivity and making the office a better place for employees.

Are You in Need of Office Furniture?

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We offer a wide range of furniture solutions via our online store and also provide a comprehensive procurement service.

Furthermore, our experienced team can assist with office space planning and implement the furniture ready for the great return.

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