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Seasonal Office Refurbishment & Fit Out Themes: Spring

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Spring is here! The sun is out ! Lets hope it lasts!
Spring symbolises new beginnings and rebirth, and provides you the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your workspace with some simple changes for bringing the outside, inside.
Staff love to come to work in a funky, vibrant office space and as this busy world keeps staff working more hours we need to ensure good staff are retained. It’s as simple as looking at the environment you provide for them to work in and now is the best time to do this.
Here are our top ideas for implementing spring into your office.
Natural Light

When it comes to your employees, most of them spend up to 9 hours working indoors . With this in mind the glare from the computer screens and lack of good lighting can lead your colleagues to develop a negative mood – reducing productivity.
One of the things that can help stop this is by making use of natural light.
By increasing the amount of sunlight that enters your office space, you can help create a working atmosphere that reduces eye fatigue, headaches and other related health problems that could stop staff being in the office.
To achieve this you need to create an open environment by tearing down interior walls, using glass divisions for private offices and creating a more open plan workspace by considering office bench desks – and avoid clustered screen style workstations..
Just think it’s the same as looking outside a window and seeing a clear sunny day, so why not bring that feeling into your work environment. Wall Art

Think carefully about bringing your corporate branding colours into the workplace and even consider a completely different themed piece of office wall art. The clever use of wall vinyl graphics is easy and really cost effective to implement and will result in making your office walls visually appealing by the huge range of graphics, pictures theme-based motifs, wall vinyl’s or feature wallpapers there are to choose from.
Remember as our theme is spring why not look to introducing some colourful flowers or calming forest imagery into your workspace – it’s all about bringing the outside in.
Client’s will also notice this and see your office being decorated in a professional manner.

Here are some examples of wall features we have placed into clients offices. The results are amazing. Artificial Grass Flooring

Ever thought about putting grass in your office?
Scientific studies have shown that employees work better with the feeling of earth and grass underneath their feet.
You could never consider real grass in your office but the solution is here…… artificial grass instead.
Artificial grass, or ‘fake’ grass as some call it, is a versatile and effective material that can be used in all sort of spaces with your office.
Incorporating sections of artificial grass flooring into your office environment is a great way to uplift morale, well-being and workplace efficiency of your staff. This flooring also provides a more natural sight compared to the usual regimental feel of an office interior – you could even be bold and put some artificial lawn on your walls as office decoration.
The contrast in colours, textures and style can really help bring the feeling of spring in your office to life. Plants
One of the main things you associate with spring is plants and flowers.
Studies have shown that putting flowers and plants in your office can make your staff more productive. Psychologists found that introducing greenery to plain workplaces led to a 15 per cent rise in output, with staff concentration and satisfaction increased.
Plants are also great for improving the air quality in your office because foliage absorbs pollutants, dust and bugs from the air.
However, not every plant is suitable for the office environment due to certain environmental conditions such as air conditioning, periods where the office is empty etc. We recommend the following plants that can thrive in your office environment.
Spider plants
Rubber plant
Peace lily
Want to make your office really funky with plants? Then how about a living wall.
Recently we have been implementing into our designs the idea of indoor feature garden walls, which look great in reception or meeting areas. However it can sound like high maintenance so consider an artificial plant feature wall and there is now maintenance at all, it will still provide the same effect as real plants though. Pastel Colours

With Spring in full bloom and the summer sun nearly upon us it’s time to get rid of chilly winter hues and fill it with more colourful hues.
Pastel shades are the definition of spring, creating a funky, stylish palette for your interior space.
Ranging from purple, pink, blue and even yellow these pastel colours can create a harmonious working environment, encouraging productivity and staff morale.
You can also carry on this colour scheme onto your office furniture. Consider using contrasting yet complementary furnishings, or even different themes for separate rooms or departments.
Finally our last recommendation is to give your office a good clean. It may sound cliché but this is the best time to give your office a ‘spring clean’.

If you are looking to redesign, fit out or refurbish your new or existing office with some of the ideas mentioned in this post, contact us here or call us on 0333 600 1234 today for a free no obligation quote.

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