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Client Background

Crowe UK is a UK accountancy company that provides tax, audit and advisory services.

Interior Fit Out Brief

With Crowe UK relocating to a new office in Maidstone, they required an experienced interior design company to execute their brief. This was to create an office which was bright, modern and spacious; suitable for open communication and collaborative working; and departmentalised for the various teams within Crowe UK.

After liaising with their representatives, Rap were commissioned to design and fit out the workspace. The works would take place across two floors and involve the implementation of a number of spaces.

Rap’s Office Interior Design Solution

On the first floor, Crowe UK required an open plan office space, breakout area, reception, post room, store room, two partner offices and male and female WCs.

To facilitate a collaborative working environment, one of Rap’s solutions was to introduce shared desks in the main office. This would allow the employees to sit in close proximity and communicate freely with their team.

Glass partitioning was also key in improving communication, as this would break up the Crowe UK team into departments and considerably reduce noise pollution. In addition to this, the partitions would create depth and allow greater exposure to sunlight for a bright, spacious look.

To modernise the space, Rap introduced a large reception desk with sensored LED lighting. This was accompanied by soft sofas to create a comfortable waiting area for clients.

The inclusion of breakout area was also important to Crowe UK, as they wanted to provide staff with a place to eat lunch. Rap’s office interior design solution was to introduce a space with a tea point, colourful furniture and TV to allow them to relax and re-energise.

Running adjacent to the breakout area were the WCs, which Rap fitted with crisp white toilets/urinals, large mirrors, basins with single mixer taps and hand dryers.

On the second floor, Crowe UK required an office space, communications room, breakout area, coat cupboard, store room, male and female WCs, two partner offices and five meeting rooms.

With the intention of collaborating and holding seminars in the meeting rooms, Rap implemented double glazed partitions to block out sound; flat screen TVs for presentations; conference desks with power sockets; and large champagne bottle-themed manifestation for greater privacy. The manifestation was specifically chosen to compliment the rooms, which were named after champagne brands.

Manifestation was also added to the glass in the adjacent office, and this was printed with a swirling mauve design to match the furniture.

Thank You for Choosing Rap for Your Commercial Interior Design Project

Rap are delighted to have been chosen to work on this project for Crowe UK, who now have a workspace that is aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for their unique working practices. This will allow them to boost productivity, strengthen their brand identity and continue to grow in accountancy and finance sector.

A Word with Lynn Oliver, Crowe UK Office Manager

What did you hope the new office interior design would do for Crowe UK?

“We wanted Rap to make it look modern. But bearing in mind we are accountants it couldn’t be too ‘out there’.”

Has the new workplace environment improved your day-to-day working practices?

“It has improved productivity and how people feel about working here. Because the other building was so old and made up of individual offices people just sent emails to everybody else. Consequently, they didn’t really see other members of staff.

“But now, because it’s all open plan and has the glass partitioning, people just get up, go over and speak to someone else. And because the building now looks so lovely people are taking more care.”

Do you think the new workplace environment has helped you to move forward as a company?

“Yes it has, because now we can hold meetings and seminars here rather than booking hotels all the time. It’s also good to have clients come to visit us in an office that looks professional.”

Has Rap Interiors fulfilled your expectations?

“Absolutely – they’ve excelled. We’re really pleased with the work they have done and how dealt with everything. Nothing was too much trouble.”

Would you recommend Rap to other businesses?

“Yes I would!”

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