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About the Client

Emerald Group is focused on identifying new investment opportunities in emerging market countries, particularly in Africa.

Rap Interiors helped Emerald carry out dilapidation works to their office in London, as they were relocating, so it could be given back to their landlord as a CAT A specification.

A CAT A fit out forms a blank canvas of a workplace with just the basic finishes. The empty shell can then be leased to a prospective tenant to move into who will carry out their own fit out, known as a CAT B fit out.

“We were impressed with Rap’s project portfolio and they have made the process of moving out of our office smooth and stress free!” Susan

Office Dilapidation Brief

Emerald were relocating their London office and required their workspace interior to be refurbished back to a CAT A specification by carrying out dilapidation works.

The workplace needed to be given back to the landlord, in a condition that was agreed in their contract, so they could attract a new tenant to move in to.

Our Solution

The Rap Interiors projects team worked closely with Emerald to fulfil the schedule of works presented by the landlord. The landlord required the workspace interior to put back onto the market after Emerald moved out, so a refurbishment was carried out that included demolition works, electrical services, repair of flooring and decoration.

No furniture or aesthetic features were required as these were not part of their contract therefore the design elements would be left to the new tenant to carry out a CAT B fit out, according to their own specification.

The Result

Emerald have a workspace that is ready to be handed back to the landlord in the specification that was agreed as per the schedule of works.

The landlord has a London office in a sought-after location, refurbished to a CAT A specification with all of the fundamentals in place, ready for an incoming tenant to move in to.

A word with Projects Director, Parry, who led the office dilapidation project at Emerald.

While the demolition works posed a few problems, our experience with dilapidations meant that we could overcome them quickly, whilst not affecting the budget or deadline of the project. The landlord is now very happy with a workspace interior suitable to show a prospective tenant for them to move in to.


What is a CAT A Fit Out?

A CAT A fit out, typically conducted by the landlord, involves the basic finishing of an interior workspace. This can include suspended ceilings, lighting, toilets, air conditioning, fire detection systems and raised access flooring.

The result of a CAT A fit out will be a completely empty space so it attracts tenants who want to make a workplace their own.

The tenant then hires an interior design company to transform the “shell” they have acquired into an exciting workplace for their employees to work including offices, meeting rooms, breakout areas etc. They do this through the works of a CAT office B fit out.

Have you Heard of a CAT A+ Fit Out?

Nowadays, tenants are seeking premises that offer a cost-effective solution and more flexible terms that the traditional CAT A and CAT B fit out model does not provide.

While these fit out options are still popular, a lot of tenants cannot afford the cost of a CAT B fit out. Therefore, landlords are looking for new ways to make their workspace interiors more attractive to potential tenants.

CAT A Plus fit outs are where landlords present a pre-fitted workplace to tenants that are ready for them to move into. Also known as “plug and play” offices, the interiors come fully furnished and connected to Wi-Fi so tenants can plug in their devices and get working right away.

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Do you Understand the Jargon of Office Dilapidations?

The definition of dilapidation is “the state or process of falling into decay or being in disrepair. Repairs required during or at the end of a tenancy or lease.”

In the commercial world, dilapidation works mean much the same, as a breach of lease covenant relating to the condition of a property has occurred which are required to be remedied.

This usually occurs at the end of a lease when a tenant is moving out of the workplace, similar to Emerald Group moving out of their London office.

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Are You Relocating and Need Dilapidation Works?

If you are relocating your London office or leaving your current premises, then you will be required to carry out dilapidation works according to the schedule of works given to you by your landlord.

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