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In the education sector, technology has become a hot topic and has revolutionised the way we teach and learn.

Learning is often more efficient when technology is utilised. Technology classrooms are now, even more, advance with the latest gadgets and software updates so that schools can keep up with their students learning capabilities.

With the help of rapid communication devices, parents and teachers can always know how students are spending their valuable time. Through the help of email services, parents can easily communicate with teachers and, with the help of website capabilities, a student can access resources online with little room for an excuse if a class is missed.


Web-Based Devices

Keeping up with the latest technology in schools is a great way to enhance a child’s learning experience.

After all, kids are digital natives nowadays and can probably show Mum and Dad a thing or two when it comes to working a computer!

This is all driven by the ease of connectivity, with access to power and data for all.

Web-based devices and resources provide more interactive experiences for students and are becoming more readily available as time goes on.

This shift to technology-based learning has allowed for a hybrid of real and virtual study. In turn, this shift has allowed students to access more tailored learning solutions and ultimately provide personal and effective means of study.

School ICT Suites

The obvious and most common classroom spaces requiring good technologies are the IT suites. Often these workspaces are designed only for that function; however, with the clever introduction of more versatile furniture, the classrooms could offer wider uses beyond that of just one subject matter and thus maximise the efficiency of total floor area.

By integrating power into the desking, students are able to plug straight into data ports without the need for multiple cables clogging up the workspace. Furthermore, power can also be integrated within soft seating, so if studying within a breakout space at school, students can access the internet and charging points from the comfort of a sofa- this is particularly favoured during the stressful revision periods.

This relaxed and more sophisticated way of working mimics the modern working office and will assist in empowering students to feel more trusted and mature when not in a regimented formation.

Examples of Our Work

College ICT suite created by interior design and construction company Rap Interiors College ICT suite created by interior design and construction company Rap Interiors

Haringey Sixth Form College Innovation Centre

We installed a partition between the IT classroom and the learning centre’s breakout area to separate the two workspaces.

Furniture was installed too, including school desks and chairs and their school logo was added on the wall with funky zig-zag lighting design.

You can find out more information about this school refurbishment here.

School IT suite refurbishment at Collingwood College in Surrey School IT suite refurbishment at Collingwood College in Surrey

Collingwood College

We proposed to amalgamate three existing IT areas in this college in Surrey by removing walls and leaving the workspace to feel open and welcoming. The client instructed the space would need to be used by other subjects also; therefore, versatility in the school’s interior design was paramount.

A central dividing wall was left in to create a visual barrier, but the space was left open either side of this to allow a free-flowing atmosphere.

Some, but not all, school desks were fitted with dividing screens, power and data. Those that were not fitted with these features were for the purpose of non web-based study. The colourful contrasting carpet was placed beneath the workstations to visually uillustrate the different zones – circulation routes and workspaces.

For more information about the interior design of the Collingwood College Project, please click here

Are you thinking about updating your School Technology Classroom?

Education interior fit out of Collingwood College in Surrey by Rap Interiors Education interior fit out of Collingwood College in Surrey by Rap Interiors

Enhance your student’s learning and improve the efficiency of your staff’s teaching by introducing a more effective learning space for all.

By having a school interior design that matches the standard of the education you provide, we help you present your school to both entice and progress your students learning.

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