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The Importance Of The School Staffroom

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Previously we discussed how school staff rooms are trending and how they can be versatile, and with many schools now focusing on this area creative design is needed to meet all the staff needs. In the last 12 months Rap Interiors have had 100% increase in requests for help, meaning that more schools are finally adapting their breakout areas so teachers can finally relax and take a break in order to be energised for the remainder of their day. But what more can schools do to ensure that their staff room is tailored to the needs of the teachers?

Are Staff Rooms Regulated?

Staff rooms are no longer regulated and haven’t been since 2012, due to the streamlining of school premises regulations. In fact schools don’t need to supply lockers or canteens for students anymore due to it being stripped from the amended version of the regulations.

school staffroom interior design with breakout furniture and a feature wall school staffroom interior design with breakout furniture and a feature wall

What Is A Staffroom?

A Staffroom is the perfect area for members of staff to take that well deserved break and socialise with fellow members of staff. Not only is it a great place to relax but it’s also a great place for teachers to discuss lesson plans and compare notes. Creating that open kitchen, costa coffee, informal meeting area and general catch up chat areas with your colleagues is the focus. Rather than segregated areas our remit has been to “make it flow and use non-school brand colours”. So what this tells us is that the “home” feel is even trending into school staff areas.

The 7 Functions Of A School Staff Room.

  • A place to work (Office)
  • A place to eat, drink and talk to fellow staff (Café)
  • A place to escape and have some privacy (Refuge)
  • A place to store important documentation and books (Library)
  • A place to store personal belongings in a safe and secure environment (Storeroom)
  • A place to find out information and news (Notice Board)
  • A place to teach, when other rooms are full or in use (Classroom)
school interior design and refurbishment with seating and a vending machine school interior design and refurbishment with seating and a vending machine

Why Should You Still Include A Staff Room?

Because if you can create an environment change, you allow the brain to recharge in a calming area. This is essential for all of us when taking time-out.

survey was conducted in 2012 by TES & ASCL during the time of the school recruitment crisis, which revealed that 69% of those who responded to the survey considered leaving before the usual age of retirement (And 91% of those asked felt that the government wasn’t supporting the profession).

Staff rooms boost the morale of teachers, as having a place that they can call their own in the workplace is essential to feeling like a team player. Making members of staff feel like they belong and are supported reflects onto the students as well, improving results all around.

before and after of a school staffroom design and refurbishment before and after of a school staffroom design and refurbishment

Our Top Teachers Staff Room Ideas

Keeping The Numbers In Mind

Although not every member of staff is always in the staff room at the same time, it is beneficial to them that there is enough seating to go around throughout the day. This is so that every member of staff has that time to take well deserved breaks, so they can feel rejuvenated and energised for their next lesson.

It is also beneficial to staff that there are enough tables, which is something that is often overlooked. Not only does this make it easier for members of staff for when they want to eat, but it also adds a social aspect to their breaks as several seats can be gathered around one table.

Rather than the staff room design that is stereotypically known, the modern twist is to have wide spaces reminiscent of a café area or internal canteen. Referring to our blog on the recent fit out trends, residential themes have been appearing in all types of workspaces , so it’s essential to get that balance with school interiors.

school staffroom interiors with a wall of foliage school staffroom interiors with a wall of foliage

Keeping It Green

Incorporating plants into the staff room can prove to have positive effects in the staff room. Using natural resources like plants and wood can prove to have positive and psychological effects on members of staff. With the addition of lighting that supports the plants, a relaxing atmosphere can blossom.

glass whiteboards for a modern school interior design glass whiteboards for a modern school interior design

Glass Whiteboards

There are several ways a glass whiteboard can benefit colleagues, as mentioned in our blog on glass whiteboards benefiting the office. The school staff room is no exception, as glass whiteboards are perfect for members of staff.

Glass whiteboards can be perfect for when a member of staff needs to communicate with a particular department, or even someone they aren’t likely to bump onto that day or for brainstorming issues within the school. Teachers will be able to share their notes in order to create better rounded lessons, or perhaps there is a pupil concern that teachers have to keep an eye out on. They are also superior to the standard whiteboardas they are more durable, come in many colours and are easier to clean.

The funky options of glass whiteboards also means that the daunting idea of spending time writing on a plain white canvas is a thing of the past.

college staffroom interiors designed by Rap Interiors college staffroom interiors designed by Rap Interiors


Not every member of staff is the same when it comes to the ideal staff room setting, so not being able to tailor your breakout area space to some degree could be frustrating.

Being able to move seating where teachers wish is essential in order for colleagues to work well together. This is ideal in situations where particular teachers have to gather round and discuss a particular topic, without the issue of some teachers being isolated or having to lean over awkwardly.

Food For Thought

Staff rooms are for the most part used as an area to refuel after a hard long lesson, so it’s only right they have a place to refuel with snacks or lunch in order to be energised for the rest of the day. In order for staff rooms to work there must be a suitable kitchen area within the staff room.

Thinking about a school refurbishment? For staff room revamps or any other school interior design works, contact us at 0333 600 1234 or email us atrefurb@rapinteriors.co.uk