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About the Client

Established in 2019, Malvern House Brighton is an independent English language school. It is the sister school of Malvern House London, which is accredited by the British Council. Malvern House Brighton offers first-class teaching supported by the latest technology. It is located on Queens Road in the heart of central Brighton – a stone’s throw away from the station.

Client Brief

Language in Action contacted Rap Interiors to refurbish a number of classrooms at its Brighton based language school. The remit was to upgrade the space to a standard equal to that of its London school. This would ensure the schools both offered a consistently good learning environment in both of its locations. Furthermore, the works needed to be completed within a tight budget to maximise the revenue of the building.

Through working with an experienced fit out company in Rap Interiors, Language in Action now has a bright, modern and inspirational learning environment with a multitude of practical spaces. The works will undoubtedly help the company to attract new students and continue its growth in the education sector.

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Key Features

School classroom interiors with glass partition installed by Rap Interiors in Brighton School classroom interiors with glass partition installed by Rap Interiors in Brighton


In the basement of the building, we were met with a dark and claustrophobic space in desperate need of a refurbishment. In order to turn this into a functional learning space, we installed a glass partition to let more natural light into the building. Additionally, we introduced a red, white and grey colour scheme to make the room more vibrant and reflect the school’s brand colours.

Office refurbishment in Brighton by Rap Interiors Office refurbishment in Brighton by Rap Interiors

Ground Floor

As the ground floor is the first port of call for incoming students, we made a number of changes to make the space more inviting. Starting with the reception area, we installed a modern two-person desk to meet and greet the students. Next to the desk, we installed new seamless glass partitions to two office spaces. Like the basement, the glass on the offices lets more light into the area, making the space brighter and more attractive. For safety, we also printed Language in Action manifestation on the glass.

Breakout area design and refurbishment in Brighton Breakout area design and refurbishment in Brighton

First Floor

The first floor required works across several spaces, including the breakout area, stairwell and toilet. For the breakout area, we repainted throughout and introduced new lighting to ensure a bold, bright and vibrant look. The stairwell was repainted and re-carpeted, while the toilet required new sanitary ware.

Classroom interior design and refurbishment project in Brighton Classroom interior design and refurbishment project in Brighton


For each classroom, we made small but key changes to create hospitable learning environments. The workspace interior design included new paintwork throughout and the installation of LED lighting solutions. We also replaced the old blinds which had become damaged after years of use.

A Word With Jonanthan Allan, Language in Action General Manager/Principal

What was the brief for the refurbishment?

We wanted to get the building up to the same standard as our London school. It was in a poor state so it needed to be repainted and modernised to have a consistent offering to London. So that was the brief I initially gave to Rap Interiors, and from that came lots of ideas and different solutions. From those solutions we looked at how we could work within the budget, because you can’t always have everything you want.

What is your favourite aspect of the design?

The basement was the most difficult room I think because it was in quite a bad state when we arrived – it was very dark and almost scary looking. I think this is one of the rooms where you can really see a visual transformation. The glass is a nice touch, and I like the colouring and design layout as well.

What attracted you to Rap Interiors?

We had designs from two companies and I preferred Rap’s vision. The other company wanted to use up more classroom space with breakout areas, but I think Rap’s design was a more logical use of space because we wanted to maximise the revenue of the building.

Would you recommend Rap to other companies?

Absolutely, yeah. You guys were very professional, and if there was a problem you fixed it. It was very easy to work with you actually.

I liked the fact that Rick [Director] came personally to oversee the project. I know businesses tend to become quite busy when they are successful, so you don’t normally see the director as much. I think that’s a nice touch with the company and it worked well.

The other thing I liked about working with Rap was that I initially had quite a low budget. I think we had a restricted budget of around 50K which would have been about 40k with VAT, but Rick helped me with the financing aspect which worked out very well. We were able to achieve what we wanted.

I also liked the fact that Rap didn’t try and over complicate things and look for extra things to charge me for, because you can always find things to add on a cost! I was very up front about what I could spend and what I couldn’t spend, so I think we changed the invoice about seven times and took a few different things off. It just came down to good communication really.

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